RBE - Rotor Blade Extension Team

On RBE team is Andreia Centeio and David Coimbra, leaded by Raquel Salavessa. There is also a RBE team on the operations department that is being leaded by Carsten Schwarz.

The team in Portugal has the aim of developing, installing and testing RBE prototypes and the team on the operations department is the RBE internal client.

Andreia Centeio, Raquel Salavessa and David Coimbra

The RBE team also dedicates to implement RBE on the external market, by participating in several events which have some potential on reaching other wind farm owners and operators. We also manage digital communication that has been extremely relevant on disseminating RBE as a reliable product that can be used to increase wind farm production.

Raquel Salavessa is the responsible for Energiekontor Portuguese branch and the legal representative of Energiekontor wind farms in Portugal. She is also the managing director of Rotor Blade Extension Development department.

Raquel Salavessa, Energiekontor Rotor Blade Extension Team

Andreia Centeios work is fully dedicated to RBE, managing the installations on site, as on technical as on organizing the working teams and logistics. She is also contributing on improving marketing and commercial actions oriented to external RBE clients.

Andreia Centeio Energiekontor RBE Team

David Coimbra’s work is also fully dedicated to RBE, managing the technical issues of the development and manufacture. He also gives his contribute on marketing actions to enhance RBE near potential clients.

David Coimbra Energiekontor RBE Team