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Energiekontor has executed another installation of the Rotor Blade Extension (RBE) in a wind farm in Portugal, in order to increase the production of the wind turibine. The installation took place in June 2015, see the pictures below for more details.

Technical details: Machine and Blade Surveys

RBE – Rotor Blade Extension is a product currently available on the market that increases wind turbine efficiency. This system was developed by Energiekontor, in partnership […]

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Rotor Blade Extension –  Prototypes in progress

Energiekontor is continuously working on innovation and developing new solutions, with maximum efficiency, in order to achieve harmonious and conciliatory interaction with the environment, landscape, fauna […]

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Rotor Blade Extension: A competitive advantage

Rotor Blade Extension (RBE) project was born out of a need to improve the energy production from Energiekontor. Energiekontor’s challenge was: How to improve the energy […]

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wind farm inspections

How to buy Rotor Blade Extension to improve wind turbine efficiency?

RBE – Rotor Blade Extension is a proven product which consists of an additional blade tip segment fixed at the rotor blade tip that optimizes wind […]

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